1. Why invest in a collector car?

1-1. Outperforming financial markets

Prices Oldtimer Vs. DAX

Almost unnoticed by the public, the market for classic automobiles has become increasingly rock-solid in the recent decades.

Worldwide more and more people discover their love for iconic collector cars – high-priced status symbols of yesterday.

A lot of love and desire meet a limited amount of non-replicable supply.

The market for classic vehicles has been developing excellently, even in the economic crisis of 2008/2009, as opposed to equities and real estate, which “collapsed” considerably.

Compared to the DAX (stock index), the DOX (vintage index) rises steadily.

As a result, prices are rising steadily, making iconic vehicles the safest, most stable in terms of market value and at the same time the most profitable capital investment worldwide.

The returns averaging 11 percent annually are unbeatable. Especially if – unlike highly speculative investments such as equities or investments that can be repurchased as desired – there are no real risks of impairment or even total loss of value.

A prerequisite, of course, is expert purchasing.

The selection of excellent vehicles with the highest potential for appreciation in the best possible condition enable safe returns, which are on (documented) average well above the DOX.

Apart from the DOX, the performance of classic cars and selected classics is documented in further indices.



German classic car index of the Verband der Automobilindustrie



Classic car index of the southwest bank



Top indices published by the Financial Times and Handelsblatt

The Classic CAR Fund Index

The Classic CAR Fund Index

Price development of classic sports cars

All indices show a steady and strong appreciation.

Both the DAX and the S & P 500 Index are constantly being beaten.

Some selected vehicles recommended by our team have been benefiting from

annual price increases of sometimes well over 30 percent!

The price increases in Germany as well as worldwide will not only continue, but due to the steadily rising demand they will continue to develop to a greater extent than before.

Potential appreciation

Such high figures as they appear in the table below are simply due to the following facts:

  1. Know-how
  2. Low availability of certain types
  3. Growing popularity of classic automobiles
  4. Extreme value retention

This has led to an increase in value of over 100% for more and more vehicle types for the last 5 years alone.

The highest average value increase of a certain brand was 367 percent!!!

All prices and percentages are not just found out by us (as some layman / sceptics may believe) but they are all documented and verifiable.

In addition to the respective brands we have highlighted the figures for the average rate of appreciation for the last 5 years. Certain types of the listed brands have increased in value by from well over 100 percent to over 350 percent!!!

If you do not wake up now, you will sleep forever.

Use our Know-How

Appreciation by brand:

Alfa Romeo250%Mazda116%
Allard120%Mercedes Benz113%
Chrysler100%Opel367% !!!
Facel Véga167%Renault160%
Fiat186%Talbot Lago114%
1-2. Security and appreciation plus tax benefit


No other form of investment offers such a security.

Stocks and other investments offered by banks may lose value. Partly up to total loss.

Gold was always subject to speculative fluctuations. Even real estate is not necessarily safe. Depending on the object and location, there is a risk of age-related loss of value and tenant problems. There is no such risk for professionally and specifically purchased iconic cars..

(The same applies of course to some other collectors’ markets!)

Of course vintage cars are subject also to fluctuations in value.

However, these are only small in the negative range and can be mostly excluded through the appropriate expertise in vehicle selection.

Selected and appropriately recommended classics have had an average increase in value of at least 10 percent per year over the past 30 years. With many vehicles, the value increase of the past 30 years was well over 500 percent.

A recommendable vehicle, which today has a value of 100,000 euros, can have a value of about 200,000 to over 250,000 euros in about 5 years.

Even if you do without our help and buy a classic with little appreciation potential, the increase in value may be 3 to 5 percent according to experience.

In such a case, the increase in value over 10 years would total between 34,000 and 63,000 euros. Even this “small” profit offers hardly any other form of investment with the same security (except perhaps old comic booklets).

Collector cars are the most stable currency in the world. They are absolutely inflation-proof.

Because the past has shown that the increase in value continued to rise even in times of higher inflation rates.

Vintage cars are safe from banking crises. They are completely independent of currency and economic crises.

The latest crises have frighteningly shown that almost

“all” investments can drastically lose value and banks can even “go bankrupt”.

Only classic cars are demonstrably not affected by such crises.


Appreciation through short supply

Security and value growth through scarcity.

The market

Due to the steadily rising demand not only in Germany, but also worldwide, the market is approaching a shortage of available supply.

Vintage cars are becoming more and more popular as a status symbol and as an investment.

Since iconic cars cannot be reproduced, the available supply is constantly shortening.

The increasing shortage of supply leads to sharply rising prices.

Even today, many buyers are “complaining” about the “far too high” prices.
The iconic car market (as part of the collectors’ markets) is the only market in which new goods can no longer be produced or “found”.

Demand, however, is steadily growing. Worldwide!
There is no better investment.

“Our” collector cars

In terms of the “relatively large” overall market, we limit ourselves to vehicles with the greatest potential for value appreciation combined with the best “driveability” – of course, taking into account personal preferences.

Most of them are vehicles built only in low quantities, or those in which the demand far exceeds the supply.

1-3. The collector car ownership advantage

Advantages of classic collector cars

You need arguments to convince yourself, your spouse, your tax adviser, your finance minister, your bank?…


Here we list up some arguments:


You will find more in relevant articles on the internet, in finance journals and classic car magazines.

Pro investment

  1. Safest investment
  2. If properly selected no loss of value in the long run
  3. Absolutely stable – constant average increase in value of at least 10%
  4. Continually beats DAX and S & P 500
  5. Potential value growth of more than 30 percent per year – without risk

  6. Profit is tax-free after the first year
  7. Huge, steadily growing demand
  8. Absolutely limited availability
  9. When selling at auctions top prices can be achieved
  10. Unlike stocks, iconic collector cars have proven their value stabilityd

Pro collector car

  1. Well-recognized as an art object (exhibited in art and design museums)
  2. High image value
  3. Most beautiful toy in the world (so much sought-after)
  4. Only investment that you can really love without being sent to a psychiatrist. (Play like Dagobert Duck with money …!)
  5. Opening up new opportunities for socialising by participating in relevant events with a suitable and rare vehicle
  6. Positive effects on the personal driving style
  7. The investment can become a hobby
  8. Iconic cars make calmer, happier and happier
  9. Vintage cars are character-forming and positive!

Look at classic car events at the faces of drivers and owners – Almost everyone is relaxed and smiling happily.

Iconic collector cars are a CULTURAL ASSET that makes fun and leads to positive impression.

  1. Iconic cars are just beautiful
  2. Iconic collector cars make every date more romantic
  3. Classics never go out of fashion
  4. By contrast, modern cars are “out” in only 2-3 years
  5. Iconic cars make you happy when you look at them
1-4. What we do for you
  1. We advise you individually
  2. We recommend the best possible vehicle types for you and your needs
  3. We search and find the corresponding vehicles in the best possible condition that is available on the market

We save you a lot of time and money!

We offer a hassle-free enjoyment of your collector car investment.

2. Investment collector car valuation and selection

2-1. The evaluation process

The valuation can only be executed properly if the vehicle is examined from the outside, inside, from the bottom and by way of a driving test.

The grading of the individual modules then gives the overall score, which is used for evaluation.

A distinction is made between the different definitions of market value, replacement value and recovery value.

The classic car valuation is also a result of the equation coming from sales results, sales offers from retailers, advertisements in trade magazines as well as information from the Internet.

The special history of the vehicle is also taken into account.

Conclusion: The vehicle is always examined comprehensively and individually, so that we arrive at a fair market value.

Valuation Process

  1. Viewing on a lifting platform
  2. Driving test
  3. Examination of the documents and information presented to history
  4. Further checks individually
  5. Detailed Description of the component groups with condition notes
  6. Measurement of structure of the coating layers
  7. Chemical analysis of the engine oil, transmission oil, differential oil on request endoscopy of components
  8. Reading the fault memory (as far as present)
  9. Calculation of damage
  10. Verification of components to production configuration
  11. Functional testing of electronic components
  12. Extended test drive if necessary
  13. Documentation of any missing parts
  1. Dismantling components
  2. Review of the performance
  3. Verification of the exhaust behavior
  4. Checking the compression
  5. Possibly, forensic analysis
2-2. Applying the forensic science

The vintage counterfeits are filtered out with the methods of forensic science

Anyone who buys a fake vintage, loses a lot of money. In order to detect such counterfeits vintage, experts are now using techniques from the Forensic Science.

The counterfeiting of vintage cars is a lucrative business. This is confirmed by experts who have recorded a significant increase of manipulated car classics sales. To filter out fakes, methods from criminology are applied.

If the vintage genuine or a fake?

Vehicle valuation / forensics to detect the authenticity of a vintage car.

How do you know whether the Collector car is genuine or not?

We will gladly check your classic car or vehicle that you want to buy any, for authenticity, using forensic methods.


Read more about how we proceed:

1. A magneto-optical method for checking the manipulation of the engine number / VIN

The magneto-optical method for detecting manipulated numbers on vintage cars comes from the Forensic Science.

By way of attaching a magnet, a magnetic field over the test position is generated.

The magnetic field is then visible through a reader.

2. X-ray examination with collector cars

Detailed investigations of the structure can be executed via X-ray examinations.

Modifications or welds can be made transparent.

3. The spectral analysis of classic collector cars

In the frame examination, the spectral analysis helps by removing the paint without having to take a sample.

As a result, the age of the material can be detected. Altered vintage cars can be revealed with high certainty.

To read out e.g. the carbon content and the trace elements of the metal.

4. Ultrasonic analysis of collector cars

Ultrasonic testing is used on collector cars to determine the wall thicknesses / layer thicknesses. This can prove that metal has been removed.

Should this easy test be positive, a closer examination by X-ray may be necessary.

5. Acid test on collector cars

This is a simple and fast means to check structural changes.

This test is only used for quick testing in not so rare vehicles.

6. Detective work on collector cars

This area is often underestimated. It is the most time-consuming process

The investigation areas range from the vehicle identification number to the manufactories to check known history, invoices and images up to checking the authenticity of existing papers.

2-3. Applying the profit principle in selection

Iconic collector vehicles awaken an enormous fascination in almost everyone.

This attraction is even higher worldwide for

  1. COLLECTOR cars,
  2. accompanied with the vanishing low availability of objects of desire
  3. in the best condition
  4. for a strong and meaningful investment.

Collector cars make up for an investment that satisfies both rationally acting investors and car lovers beauty seekers.

We combine return and enjoyment for you.

With solid commercial practice, automotive expertise, a lot of experience and a lot of love and enthusiasm for iconic collector vehicles we can make a lot of things possible.

Our know-how and our connections to auctioneers, dealers, collectors, etc. using state-of-the-art technologies, both in object analysis and financial analysis, provide the best basis for building estate with iconic collector vehicles and securing assets to multiply it too.

We specialize primarily in vehicles to achieve the best possible return.

Of course, this does not mean that the aspects of driving pleasure should be igored. We also include younger vehicles in our considerations, if they show a strong potential for value appreciation.

In our analysis we calculate with factors such as:

  1. Number of vehicles still available for each type
  2. Current and future popularity of the type – in Europe and worldwide
  3. Possible history of a single vehicle
  4. Originality
  5. Conservation status
  6. History of the vehicle type
  7. Image of the type

The respective weighting of the factors such as:


determine which vehicles are suitable for you and your requirements.

Do you want to profit exclusively from the highest possible increase in value and store the corresponding iconic collector car?

Would you also like to benefit from the image gain through a suitable classic for your professional environment / your company?

Is private driving fun important to you, and if so to what extent?

Would you like to take part in classic car events with your iconic car or present it at events?


In consultation with our employees you will find the ideal weighting.

We show you the right vehicles for your needs.

We procure these vehicles in the best possible condition for you. From reputable dealers, private sellers, collection resolutions, etc.

With our help, you buy the right vehicles you save time-consuming research and searches, countless visits, wrong decisions and wrong purchases.

Further information can be found on the following pages.

3. Maintenance and VIP car hosting

3-1. Maintenance


Michel brings in decades of experience in vintage and classic cars maintenance and complete renovation.

He is furthermore supported by a whole garage if necessary for more complex tasks.

3-2. VIP Car Hosting

Cars of our owners are held in a very decent showroom and receive daily VIP care.

Our premises are well-maintained and guarded for safety of the investment vehicles.

4. Our team, certificates, memberships

4-1. Our Team

Thomas Tardi - Managing director of OT 12

Thomas is the managing director of OT 12.

He holds a bachelor`s degree with honours in business administration from the University of Hertfordshire where he was later also a lecturer in a franchisee university in marketing, and marketing research for one semester. He also holds a certificate in international trust management and he is an expert (trustee) in real estate appraisal. He brings in over a decade of experience in auditing in Austria and Switzerland plus in real estate investment.

Thomas is affiliate member of the Society of Trust and and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and took part in setting up various investment structures in the international trust arena.

Thomas co-ordinates the various aspects of the company and manages the daily operations.

Heinz Michel

Michel brings in decades of experience in vintage and classic cars maintenance and complete renovation.

He is furthermore supported by a whole garage if necessary for more complex tasks.

Salvatore Gallichio

Salvatore is a real expert in the fields of car valuation and appraisal in all aspects of the vehicles.

He specialises in vintage-, classic collector- car appraisal, and has decades of experience and all the education for filtering out counterfait vehicles and avoiding lemon selection.

Shalyna Zimmermann

Shalina brings in financial, bookkeeping and administration expertise to the company.

In addition to her sound business education in the field of fiduciary matters, she has more than 10 years of experience in accounting and tax optimization of small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland.

4-2. Our certificates

Expert for vintage cars

Exam to become expert on classic cars according to the guidelines of the Association of Independent automotive experts.

Accident Commissioner

Exam for disaster Commissioner according to the guidelines of the Association of Independent automotive experts.

PC-Crash beginners seminar and workshop for individual training

Intensive course for experts in the field of accident reconstruction. Using simulation programs as an aid in the accident analysis.

Certificate against manipulation

Causes of fire on vehicles, fraud prevention by investigative communication, reading of control units, vehicle identification, tracking and vehicle history, VIN lnfo, accident reconstruction, new insights

With know-how against manipulation

Tuning and technical changes, a serious offense! – manipulation of game damage – key and lock manipulation

AZT expert training

Seminar Contents: Current Issues automotive coatings, deformation behavior of current vehicle types “body surveying in theory and practice”

Automotive expert for engine damage

Car expert for engine damage.

5. Holding your car in trust on your behalf

Purchasing made easy, ownership made free of hassles

For safety of registration, domiciling your car within Switzerland a comprehensive trust structure has been set up.

  1. The English partner trustees together with Swiss Car Investment Trustees and Tamas (affiliate STEP) register and domicile the car on your behalf
  2. The English trustee is in charge of controlling and holding on trust all the documents
  3. The OT 12 Swiss Trustees take care of
  4. paying all necessary dues for keeping  the car controlled and insured
  5. paying maintenance and keeping it safe and ready to be driven
  6. This way you can enjoy a hassle-free ownership

6. The iconic car investment discovery ride

Information gathering on a lucrative investment combined with a ride in the “goosebumps-view” paradise of the Swiss Alps and lakes in Lucerne…

We offer to you a 1 or 2 day iconic collector car discovery program in and around the by far most beautiful city of the Swiss Alps.

The whole tour has been designed to give you an instant overview of this exciting investment and to present to you how you will be able to actually find greatest joy while making money with these super cars.

We will be presenting to you the Swiss and German collector car market but we will actually do more.

We will also invite you for a breath taking ride to the selected goosebumps-view places in the Swiss alpine scenery.

You will have a hands on experience in the secret spots of the Alps and get an authentic package of true Swiss adventures such as:

  • visiting a real cheese factory among real Swiss farmers in the hidden mountains of Lake Lucerne
  • viewing the magnificent castles nested on the hills at the lake shore offering breathtaking panoramic views
  • eating out at a restaurant offering divine views of the snowy peaks and sunny lakes

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